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Block Bone Graft North Hollywood

Block Bone Graft, Pacific Implant Group We are proud to offer the latest technology in tooth replacement solutions. Even if you have lost teeth and some of the bone, we can restore your smile quickly and efficiently with a bone graft and immediate implant placement at our North Hollywood dental practice.

Why choose implants

We offer various options for replacing missing teeth, including traditional dentures and bridgework. However, we recommend implants as the treatment of choice for many reasons. They are strong, long lasting, and stable enough that you can eat anything you like. The most unique feature of implants is the fact that they replace the root, which helps keep the bone strong and healthy.

About bone grafting

The most important factor in the success of dental implants is oral health. Gum infection and other oral disease will be addressed before tooth replacement. However, for some patients there is a concern beyond the soft tissue. Bone loss, or the natural characteristics of an individual’s jawbone, may leave an insufficient foundation for implants, necessitating a bone graft.

Pacific Implant Group has the skilled professionals and advanced technology necessary to perform complex oral surgeries right here in our office. In many instances, we are able to provide implant placement on the same day as the bone grafting procedure.

Computer guided surgical processes allow for precision planing on the bone graft and dental implant. Before beginning the procedure, we will ensure that the treatment site and graft donor site are entirely numb. Then a small amount of bone is removed, usually from the chin or jaw area, and placed around the dental implant. The soft tissue is then closed, and the bone is allowed to heal before we place the final restoration.

Call Pacific Implant Group at (818) 975-3888 and schedule an appointment to begin restoring your smile today.

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