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Dental Bridges Vs Implants North Hollywood

Dental Bridges Vs Implants, Pacific Implant Group Your first concern after losing a tooth may be the gap in your smile. However, the loss of even one tooth can have serious oral health consequences. Filling that gap is important, and the type of restoration that you choose makes a big difference. Patients often ask about the pros and cons of bridges vs implants. Our North Hollywood practice highly recommends the dental implant procedure for many reasons.

Smile with confidence

Our dedicated team of professionals understands the physical and emotional impact of missing teeth. If you're in the Los Angeles area and would like to have a dental bridge procedure, call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fadi Elzayat, at (818) 975-3888.

Bone preservation

An implant replaces the lost tooth root. A bridge only replaces the crown, which is the part we see above the gum line. This is an important distinction, because the tooth root serves several essential functions. In addition to providing superior strength for full chewing efficiency, the root stimulates and strengthens the underlying bone. Implants are the only restorative solution that replicates the root and prevents bone resorption.


A standard dental bridge is typically replaced periodically. It may last for several years, but it is not expected to be permanent. The same is true of removable dentures. Longevity is among the unique benefits of implants. If you maintain good oral health, they can easily last for the rest of your life.


Traditional dental bridges require extra attention when brushing and flossing. Food particles and plaque easily become trapped under the false tooth, requiring special flossing techniques. If not cleaned well, this can lead to decay of the adjacent teeth. By contrast, implant supported restorations have the same hygiene requirements as natural teeth.


We use quality materials and precision design techniques, for a beautiful and natural-looking restoration. Because implants preserve bone health, they also preserve your facial structure and the contours of your jawline.

Don’t wait to restore your smile. Call Pacific Dental Group at (818) 975-3888 and schedule a consultation with one of our skilled dentists today.

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