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Dental Tooth Extractions in North Hollywood, CA

An after image of our tooth extractions in North Hollywood, CA We all hope that tooth-pulling is a thing we outgrow just as we outgrow our baby teeth. But as we age and experience life, a number of things can damage our teeth and necessitate tooth extractions. Decay, trauma, and even severe discoloration can call for dental extraction services. That's why Pacific Implant Group provides dental tooth extractions in North Hollywood, CA. Come to us today for quality service.

We know that dental extractions aren't always your first choice for dental work, but the team at Pacific Implant Group promises a comfortable, relaxing experience. And once we remove your tooth, we can immediately place a dental implant to replace the tooth, which means you leave with a restored smile and a brand new tooth.

Other dental offices might have you schedule several appointments to prepare for and then finally place a dental implant, but that means you have to live with a missing tooth in the meantime. We reduce your discomfort and decrease the number of your appointments by placing the implants immediately after the tooth extractions.

Everyone will notice the beautiful smile!

This short video brought to you by our dentist in Los Angeles - Dr. Fadi Elzayat, explains the dental implant process. A dental implant substitutes the root of a missing tooth and helps bring back a smile that looks natural. Dental implants are becoming the treatment of choice for missing teeth and is your ticket to a healthy new smile!

About tooth extractions

Dental tooth extractions at Pacific Implant Group aren't what you're dreading - someone yanking out a tooth with a pair of pliers. Instead, we use more precise techniques to ensure that the tooth is removed safely and gently for your comfort and for the future success of your implant.

Your comfort is important to us. We use localized anesthesia, gentle sedation, and minimally invasive techniques to make sure you are comfortable during the dental extraction process. The welcoming, bright atmosphere of our office will put you at ease from the beginning.

Pulling a tooth may sound like a very simple process. However, pure force is not the best way to perform an extraction. By using precision techniques and choosing the optimal angle, a tooth can be extracted with gentle force. This technique minimizes the risk of damage to the socket and trauma to surrounding tissue. Therefore, the procedure and recovery are more comfortable. Maintaining healthy tissue also enables immediate implant placement.

About implant placement

The common method of implant placement calls for a delay while the socket heals after extraction. Once healing is complete, an oral surgery is performed. However, in many cases this extra time and extra tissue trauma is unnecessary. Instead, the implant is placed in the socket, directly replacing the removed tooth root. It is stabilized, and the bone tissue grows around it as the socket heals. The result is a rock-solid foundation for your new tooth.

The benefits of implants

Why would you choose a dental implant, rather than a denture or bridgework?
  • Can last a lifetime
  • Natural appearance
  • Convenient oral hygiene
  • Restore chewing functionality
Don't let the fear of pain or missing teeth keep you from having dental tooth extractions done. Come to Pacific Implant Group, where you can experience painless extractions and immediate implants for damaged or decaying teeth. To schedule an appointment, call us at (818) 975-3888 or fill out our online form.

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