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Full Teeth Replacement Procedure in North Hollywood, CA

A piece created for full teeth replacement services in North Hollywood, CA At Pacific Implant Group, we offer a variety of dental restoration services, including full teeth replacement services. If you're unhappy with your smile and are looking for restoration options in North Hollywood, CA, give us a call. You may be a candidate for one of our full teeth replacement procedures: all-on-four implants, hybrid dentures, or fixed bridges.

These full tooth replacement procedures are similar, and your personal oral health will determine which one works best for you.

All-on-Four Implants

All-on-four implants are a type of fixed denture that is anchored in your mouth through four implants in your jawbone. These dentures are permanently placed in your mouth, and the implants deliver continued stimulation to your jawbone to keep the bone from deteriorating.

Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid dentures are also anchored in your mouth using dental implants, but they are not a permanent option. The hybrid denture plate can be removed as needed to clean your mouth and the denture. Hybrid dentures of this type clip onto the implants in your jawbone so that they are secure while you eat, talk, and go about your day.

Fixed Bridges

While all-on-four and hybrid dentures are used to replace all of a person's teeth, fixed bridges are a good option if you still have some viable teeth. A fixed bridge is made out of two anchor crowns that are cemented onto your natural teeth with false teeth to fill the spaces between them.

As you can see, the state of your natural teeth will affect the full teeth replacement procedure you choose.

Our Process

Pacific Implant Group believes that everybody should have access to the dental care they need and the cosmetic improvements they desire. We have a bright, clean, welcoming facility, and we use gentle sedation methods to keep patients comfortable and at ease during the procedure.

We work with most major insurance carriers and offer financing and payment options so you can receive the full teeth replacement services you need. Call our North Hollywood, CA, location today at (818) 975-3888 to get started on the path to a perfect smile.